Affordable Care Act Taxes and Fees

Dear Producers,

As we approach the 2014 enrollment period and “exchanges,” you should be well-prepared to help your clients navigate through the maze of options and make the choice that’s right for them. Please note that it is the goal of Sal DiNardo and Custom Benefit Plans to keep our brokers up-to-date within the industry, so as our carriers roll out relevant information we will keep you and your agents informed.

The Affordable Care Act has mandated the collection of three new taxes and fees by all health insurers to ultimately fund several initiatives. The collected funds will be used to stabilize premiums for the newly insured and will help to develop the best practices for the improvement of medical outcomes.

The aforementioned taxes and fees are as follows:

  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund Fee

  • Reinsurance Program Contribution

  • Health Insurance Provider Tax/Fee

Independence Blue Cross has created the following Affordable Care Act taxes and fees flyer to help you and your customers understand the impact that these taxes and fees will have on health plan costs. 


Sal DiNardo

Custom Benefit Plans, Inc.

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